Terms and Conditions

  1. All qualified individuals 18 years & above who reside in Malaysia are entitled to apply for the Parkson Card. Each applicant is only entitled to apply for ONE (1) membership card and will be assigned only ONE (1) Parkson Card.
  2. Each Parkson Card membership shall be valid for up to a maximum period of ONE (1) year only which shall expire on 31st December of each year. Membership renewal can only be made in the month of January of the following year.
  3. Membership is ZERO cost for up to a maximum period of TWO (2) years and Parkson reserves the right to charge a membership fee on any subsequent years thereafter.
  4. As a member of Parkson Card, you are entitled to accumulate purchase value in your Parkson Card account each time you spend in any Parkson Malaysia Department Store, other participating outlets and Foodpark Supermarket by Parkson. However, please take note that Members are not entitled to accumulate purchase value for purchases made with Parkson Card Discount Vouchers, Parkson Discount Vouchers, Parkson Promotional Vouchers or Tourist Card; or purchase of Parkson Gift Vouchers/Parkson Gift Cards, Purchase with Purchase items, agent controlled priced items, selected brands (which will be notified at the brand’s counter, if any), purchases of services or at F&B outlets.
  5. During each purchase, please present your Parkson Card to the cashier to accumulate the purchase value, failing which, no accumulation of purchase value will be captured. In the event that you return your purchased merchandise, the Accumulated Purchase Value (APV) deriving from the said purchase will be deducted automatically from your account.
  6. The APV recorded in your Parkson Card can only be used to redeem Parkson Card Discount Vouchers and cannot be used to redeem cash.
  7. Redemptions of Parkson Card Discount Vouchers can be made all year round, provided Member achieve the redemption structure.
  8. For every RM1 nett spend at any Parkson Malaysia Department Store, other participating outlets and every RM2 nett spend at any Foodpark Supermarket by Parkson, the Parkson Card Member will accumulate ONE (1) purchase value. Accumulation of purchase value is based on the final Ringgit Malaysia of the nett purchase (e.g. with nett purchase of RM288.90, the Parkson Card Member will be entitled to accumulate 288 APV from Parkson Malaysia Department Store, other participating outlets or 144 APV from Foodpark Supermarket by Parkson).
  9. Accumulation of purchase value will end on 31st December of each year.
  10. Member’s account shall begin with zero purchase value and accumulation of purchase value starts on the date of your first purchase after becoming a Member or on 1st January of each year if the yearly membership has been renewed. The APV from the current year must be redeemed by 31st January of the following year, as the case may be. Any outstanding purchase value in the member’s account that is not redeemed will be removed automatically at the close of business day on 31st January of each year, as the case may be.
  11. Upgrade to Parkson Card Diamond by accumulating RM10,000 purchase value or upgrade to Parkson Card Platinum by accumulating RM5,000 purchase value within 12 calendar months with Parkson Card Gold membership.
  12. The Parkson Card is non-transferrable and is for the exclusive use of the registered member. It is not a credit card, charge card or debit card. Members are strictly prohibited from allowing non-members to use their Parkson Card to enjoy its privileges.
  13. Any privileges involving rebate rewards upon a condition to purchase will be awarded based on nett cash received and are not applicable to any purchases paid using Parkson Card Discount Vouchers, Parkson Discount Vouchers, Parkson Promotional Vouchers and Brand Vouchers. Privileges may not be applicable in conjunction with any other promotions unless stated otherwise.
  14. Members will get Birthday rewards during their birthday month, which must be redeemed by Members during the birthday month. ONE (1) redemption per Member per year only.
  15. Parking rebate (COMPLIMENTARY parking for the FIRST TWO (2) hours) is applicable for Parkson Card Diamond Members only with a valid Parking Ticket from Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC, 1 Utama Shopping Centre or Gurney Plaza (not applicable for Touch n’ Go, ONE Card, any electronic payment method or valet services and exclusive parking areas). The applicable discount (with a maximum amount of RM5) will be deducted from the total purchase when payment is made for purchases at Parkson Elite Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, 1 Utama or Gurney Plaza. ONE (1) redemption per Member per day only. Rebates are non-exchangeable for cash.
  16. Parkson shall not be held liable for and disclaims any loss of APV arising from any unauthorized use of lost or stolen cards. For lost or stolen cards, please notify Customer Service at any of our stores immediately or call Parkson Customer Service Hotline at 1 300 88 0828 on weekdays (Monday – Friday, 9am – 6.30pm. Closed on Public Holidays).
  17. Replacement of any lost or damaged card is ZERO cost. The Parkson Card’s APV will be transferred from the lost or damaged card to a new card within FOURTEEN (14) working days of request.
  18. Parkson reserves the right to cancel/withdraw the Parkson Card and forfeit all APV on the Parkson Card of any Member who is found to have manipulated the usage of the Parkson Card in any unacceptable manner in violation of the Terms & Conditions.
  19. Parkson reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions herein, the card privileges, and cease and/or terminate the Parkson Card membership programme without prior notice.
  20. Parkson will not replace any lost, stolen or damaged Parkson Discount Vouchers/Parkson Card Discount Vouchers or extend expiry date of the expired vouchers.
  21. These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of Malaysia.

*APV = Accumulated Purchase Value