Changing The Way Asia Shops

Innovative Marketing that Constantly Evolves

Our customer is always changing and evolving. So we ensure success by always staying one-step ahead through an unbridled passion for innovation, creativity and out-of-the-box retailing. From advertising campaigns that evoke passion, large-scale promotions that mobiliSe the masses and signature events that intimately connect.

We also strongly believe in the power of our brand and consistently strive to ensure that Parkson is the most recognisable retail brand in the market place. From our communications strategy to our marketing initiatives through to our stores, there is consistent brand image, voice and delivery that our customers have come to believe, trust and embrace.

Customer-First Ethos

Customer loyalty is critical to the success and growth of Parkson. Thus we have always placed immense focus on developing strong loyalty programmes to build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Through our Parkson Card loyalty programme in Malaysia, China and Vietnam, we have built a database of over 19.3 million active loyalty cardmembers. This large database provides Parkson with tremendous opportunities to understand our customers’ purchasing habit to tailor product and brand mix, as well as customise marketing and promotional activities to suit their needs.

Parkson Malaysia is also unique as we also have the BonusLink loyalty programme running side by side with Parkson Card making us the only department store to offer 2 loyalty programmes. BonusLink itself has over 12 million Members in Malaysia provide Parkson a huge catchment of loyal Members to benefit from.

Our loyalty cardholders generate over 40% of the sales in our stores throughout Asia annually.